About Us

Kyleemae Designs is named after my two daughters, Kylee Christine and Sydnee Mae. They are my best product testers and always give their honest opinions on my creations. Their brothers, Wade and Clay, along with my husband, Mike, collect the vintage stuff you might see in some of my photos. Lots of that stuff has been found on our five generation family farm. The boys also help with all the manual labor that goes along with our family owned business.

My jewelry business came about in a trial and error sort of way. In our collections of found objects, we had accumulated a lot of silverplate silverware. Feeling guilty everytime I looked at this pile of discarded stuff, I started playing around with a way I could apply images and make the pieces resemble those old tin type photos. Believe me - I made a lot of mistakes before I came up with something I liked! My jewelry is a creative expression of things I love. Old stuff, whimsical things, vintage photography, and found objects. I like to take what might otherwise end up discarded and thrown away and turn it into something that can be cherished.

All of the things I sell are designed and created by me and many of them are one of a kind. Using recycled things reminds me of the importance of being frugal and inventive. I feel blessed by God each time I get to make something that will delight its new owner.

Thanks for stopping by my shop. I hope you see something that will brighten your day!